Basic Thuganomics is John Cena's Old Theme Song from 2003 to early 2005.
WWE Post-Wrestlemania 28 RAW

So, you think your untouchable?

Word Life, This is Basic Thuganomics [2 times] Word Life

I'm untouchable but i'm forcing you to feel me

Word Life, This is Basic Thug-Thuga-Nomics [2 Times]

Whether fightin or spittin, My disclipine is unforgiven

Got you backin up in a defensive position

An a** kickin anthem, heavyweight or bantom

Holding camps for ransom, The mircophone phantom

Teams hit the floor this is the new fight joint

Like a broken needle, Kid your missin the point

We dominate your confereance with offense, That's no nonsense

My theme song hits, Get your reinforcments

We strike quick with hard kicks, duckin nightsticks

Bare knuckles make you fight this, beat you lifeless

Never survive us, you forgot your Alzheimers

Two face rappers walk away with four shiners

The war rhymer, turnin legends to old timers

My insides is like a viper bitin through your one liners

New Deadman, Inc and we about to make you famous
Photo- @JohnCena always Rise Above Hate

Taking over Earth and still kicking in Uranus

Word Life, This is Basic Thuganomics [2 times] Word Life

I'm untouchable but i'm forcing you to feel me

Word Life, This is Ba-Basic-Thuga-Thuganomics [2times]

You ain't advanced to process potententiol medical concepts

The objects are forgein like bloc tests,arts and sex

Are complex regardless of finesses and fitness

It's a condition of buisness your lame vision of an underground physical image

I'm underneath to undermine your whole typical image with the procision of percentages,

And the colisions of sentences, Poetry, beat and mics we untouchable

like ridged sluts with no prevences, streets unite

We rock brighter and dumber beats

Your cats couldn't come this hot if the burst off the summer heat

But get your two tapes, kill your birds for the first time

Your friendly state worthey of my filler or worst rhymes

I'm better than knights, check the veterans stripes

Leave you beside your self in fear, I'l kill you and bury you twice

Despite the cover of night, trackin you flight

Light Guerilla Warfare where the grass is dens
John Cena & Big Show

Aproaching me is a quick way to get refered to in the past tense

Dead da, when the lights and the mic is on,

the crowd is dead like intermission when your on the titantron

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